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ABOUT the Artist

  • Ilo Sonda is a visionary artist originally from Latvia who divides her time between Latvia, Switzerland, the United States, and Spain to be close to her family.

  • Her passion for art and creativity has been a lifelong journey, but she embarked on her career as a painter relatively late in life. Her earlier experiences and spiritual encounters served as valuable preparation, and now she channels them into her artwork.

  • Ilo's art is characterized by a profound sense of symbolism, combining elements of abstraction and realism in a unique blend. Her paintings are created through a meticulous process of layering and texturing, with each detail carefully imbued with meaning.

  • By beautifying their living spaces with Ilona's artwork, art enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience a sense of calmness, joy, and perhaps gain a fresh perspective on their own circumstances.

Hey, I'm Ilona Ilo.
I am an Artist, Entrepreneur, 
Mindset Coach Linguist 

Please contact me per Email ilonasondo@gmail.com 
when interested in my Artwork. I am here for you!