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As an educated and experienced MINDSET Coach 

I offer individual  & group Coaching to experience  emotional and psychological shifts,  which help you focus on your next steps and move forward in an empowered state of being. 

From Confusion to Clarity.

I am here to support you in your Discovery journey of your inner treasures and to remind you how wonderfully made you are! 

After overcoming a challenging time and restarting my life in late forties, as well as having major victories over my insecurities and fears, I am now helping women discover their true value and experience breakthroughs in different areas of life.  

For years always striving to improve myself (and trying out hundreds of methods) to be good enough for others, I am now resting in allowing myself to just be.  How I am - perfectly imperfect (or vice versa?). 

One of my specialty areas  is different fears around getting older. Is it something you avoid to talk, even think about? 
As a Recovering Perfectionist  I have found some approaches and modalities, that helped me more and faster than other methods find my peace and focus, and move forward towards my Dreams, enjoying life as it is.

I can help you recognise and overcome Sabotaging Yourself  and get more Clarity finding out what you really want. Guide you from Confusion to clear next steps. 

Are you ready for some Upgrades?

I am here for you


- Support for commited Communities
- Focusing on your Goals
- Getting back on Track


Format: via Zoom worldwide 
Group sessions   
Please ask for capacities timely ahead.

Languages: English, German, Latvian